Contextual Factors Affecting Students 's Educational Journey Essay

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Contextual Factors Contextual factors embody a considerable amount of influence on students throughout their educational journey. Teachers have a responsibility to be aware of the factors that the students are facing outside of the classroom. Outside of the classroom the teacher needs to familiarize themselves with the contextual factors in the community, district, and school. Teachers that are more aware of the contextual factors facing their students can plan a more successful lesson. I am completing by demonstrating teaching in a community in Viera, Florida. Viera is a small community that is divided into the Viera East and West. The community my school is located in is Viera West. The population in this small community is about 6,641. Even though this community is small, it is a wealthy community with many businesses and retailers. The community has a new mall; the Nationals spring training ballpark as the county zoo. Viera has been growing rapidly and steadily and has little crime in the area, with most members of the community having conservative views. Most members of the community have conservative values. The families in the boundaries of the school mostly live in single-family homes. Many of the families in the community have stay-at-home parents, with the other providing the family income. These factors affect the teacher in the classroom. The teacher has many volunteers and help from the family to help copy, cut, and create items for the week. Because of…

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