Zephyrhills: A Case Study

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If you are interested an area that has a quiet atmosphere, but plenty of things to do nearby, you may want to consider taking a trip through Zephyrhills, Florida where you will find plenty of southern hospitality and fun things to do within easy reach. There are also a lot of homes for sale Zephyrhills, FL for those who are interested in finding an economical way to invest their savings. About Zephyrhills Zephyrhills is a part of Pasco County, Florida. It was founded in 1910 and was originally supposed to be a location for Civil War veterans to live and relax. It is located in central Florida and it is considered a suburb of Tampa. Downtown Tampa is only a short 37-minute commute away. It is home to the Zephyrhills Bottled Water company.
Some say that it is a retirement area because
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This simple fact is one of the reasons that Zephyrhills has a lower cost of living than many other places near Tampa. However, according to the census, the people who reside in this area make an average of nearly $30,000 per year. Education For anyone looking to buy one of the many homes for sale Zephyrhills, FL many are curious about the educational system in the area. The schools are highly rated and there are a lot of both public and private school options available. In the public school system, the teacher to student ratio is approximately 17 students to one teacher. The good news for parents is that there is a high rate of kids who graduate from high school to attend one of the nearby colleges.
There is an ITT Technical Institute in Tampa as well as Tampa University, the University of South Florida, and more. Some young adults may also choose to attend the University of Florida, which is located in Gainesville, FL. It is less than two hours away from

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