Content Strategy Proposal For The Company Grdtech Essay

707 Words Jun 6th, 2016 3 Pages
Introduction: This is a content strategy proposal for the company GRDtech. GRDtech is a self-owned company that specializes in ESEC Wire Bonder Sales, service, training, CAD, and custom tooling. Greg Delasandro is the owner and CEO of the company, and has little to no competition in this field of work. The document purpose is to create a proposal to update the current website, to make it more user friendly, and update its features.
With this website, the main audience is the customers in need for parts or service for the semiconductor machines. The main goal is to have the potential customers choose this company to service their problems with the ESEC machines. We want the visitor to stay on our page, with that in mind, our customers need to have a visually appealing website, with videos and more graphics. With over one hundred semiconductor industries, and very few service engineers, having a boring website, not appealing to the eye will have future customers deciding to go with someone else.
This website is for information about products and services provided within the GRDtech company. In order to generate more interest, the website needs to be more personable for the future customer. We need them to feel a connection and want GRDtech the go to person when a Semiconductor machine goes out of whack. There needs to be a “Contact Us” section, rather than the footer that is on each page. To help raise authority, a page on the website for…

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