Content Competency Paper

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Content Competency Paper
Rodrick E. Carter/ L25817874
Liberty University
EDUC 539

Course Competency

EDUC 539 Current Issues in Content Areas has provided me with a solid foundation of what my strengths and weaknesses are as a future educator and leader. There is no formula for good teaching, no seven steps to Teacher of the Year. Motivating students, managing the classroom, assessing prior knowledge, communicating ideas effectively, taking into account the characteristics of the learners, assessing learning outcomes, and reviewing information must be attended to at all levels of education. As I review the competencies, I am amazed by the things I have learned, researched, and experienced throughout this
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Throughout my reading and research, I am discovering that many different classroom arrangements are possible. The most important is a well-organized, attractive classroom. According to Dr. Harry K. Wong, in his book, “The First Days of School” he states that a well-organized classroom leads to more receptive and positive students, as well as to improved learning (Wong, 1998). Proper arrangement of my classroom will be beneficial to not only my students but to me as a teacher. It will assist me in monitoring my students at all times, allow them to see instructional displays without difficulty, and keep high traffic areas-including bookshelves, storage areas, and my desk- separate and easy to get to.
Van Brumelen states that good teachers practice preventive discipline by anticipating and forestalling problems through establishing, setting, and maintaining clear expectations (Van Brummelen, 2009). This can be accomplished by introducing classroom rules. The function of a rule is to prevent or encourage behavior by clearly stating student expectations. I have learned that this can be accomplished by conveying to my students that I will enforce procedures and routines and by explaining why and how these procedures and routines will be beneficial to everyone. By practicing the procedures and routines, students become accustomed to following the classroom norms.
According to Howard Seeman, the

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