Considering A Side Of School Essay

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Considering Another Side
Majority of schools in America starts before 8:30 am, some schools even start as early as 7:15 am. Supporters of starting school later in the day claims that moving starting time will reduce car accidents, depressions, and obesity among adolescents. They also believe that starting school later in the day will help students get recommended amount of sleep, which then will assist students on getting better grades and live healthier life. While the claim that getting full amount of sleep (8-10 hours per night for adolescents) will help students stay alert and perform better in school and live overall healthier life seems reasonable. It would be foolish to think that school’s timing is the reason why so many adolescent do not get enough sleep. It is more reasonable to think that not getting enough sleep is more of a habit and behavior problem that most adolescents of new generation have acquired. Of course, starting schools early means that students have to wake up early. However, it does not refrain students from going to bed earlier at night. Not knowing the real reasons behind this problem, supporter of starting schools late advocates that schools’ start time be move back. However, by doing so they are overthinking the consequences of the action they are considering.
While it is true that lack of sleep causes many problems, it would be wrong to blame the school for those problems. This is where the supporters of starting school late tend to…

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