Texting While Driving Distracted Driving

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TEXTING WHILE DRIVING The development of cell phones has played an important role in our lives. Cell phones have placed the ability for us to have access to communication with one another no matter where we are located. Over the years, cell phones have grown into smart devices. If you are not familiar with what a smart device is, imagine a cell phone and computer combined together in a hand held device. Smart phones have done the impossible by placing all of our communications needs at our fingertips. These devices have become a part of our everyday lives. The next time you are out in public look around and see how many people are on their smart devices. Now, look at the people on their smart devices. Are they constantly looking down on their …show more content…
Texting while driving leads to the problem of distraction. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute completed a study that found texting while driving creates a crash rick twenty-three times worse than driving with no distractions. Eleven percent of drivers, between the ages of eighteen and twenty, were involved in an automobile accident and survived admitted they were sending or receiving texts when they crashed. Forty percent of all American teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger. Those are some very serious numbers and we must do something before they get worse. A driver can safely glance away from the road for two seconds while driving. It takes at least five seconds for a driver to take their eyes of the road in order to send a text message. Forty-nine percent of adults admit to texting and driving even after ninety-eight percent of adults said they knew the practice was …show more content…
Not only can texting ad driving result in serious injuries, but it can also end in fatalities. In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that driving while distracted resulted in eighteen percent of all fatal crashes. That same year 421,000 people were injured while 3,328 were killed due to distractive driving. Now do I have your attention? These numbers are shocking but what is even more shocking is why have we not stepped in to do more in order to prevent this. If you are still not convinced of the severity of this problem here a few more numbers. Nine Americans are killed every day in a automobile crash that resulted from distracted driving. One out of four of those involved a cell

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