Essay on Conflict Management Styles And Conflict

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Conflict Management Styles
Conflict within most close interpersonal relationships are nearly unavoidable especially if you try to make decisions with this person. This is why learning how to deal with situations like these is so important. In order to do this someone must reflect upon their own conflict management style as well as the conflict management style of the person they and trying to establish a stronger relationship and communicate with. To better explain this I will use a conflict that I am going through with a certain individual in my life as an example. This will display the current conflict within my chosen relationship and a brief plan to solve our current conflict using collaboration.
The interaction partner that my conflict occurs with is my significant other. We have been together for approximately three months and most of it has been long distance since she goes to school in California. . She worked at a restaurant in my home town. We struck up a conversation and found out that we knew a lot of the same people growing up even though we had never meet before. I decided to give her my number and she texted me that night and the rest is history. We are pretty a stable couple although arguments do occur Semi-often due to our personality difference. For example I am logical and level- head person while she is very emotional. We are both extroverts and voice our opinions to each other frequently even if they clash.
The conflict in need of resolution is…

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