Conflict Is A Common Misconception That All Conflict Essay

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There is a common misconception that all conflict is "bad." This word "conflict" normally yields a negative connotation and is precieved as a problem that must be fixed, in which a solution must be sought-- resuling in a winning party and a losing party. In the managerial world this is not always the case when it comes to conflicts. There is two types of conflicts that can occur within a work group, these are called functional and dysfunctional conflicts. While both of these types of conflicts occur within work groups it is the manager 's job to increase the number of functional conflicts and decreased the number of dysfunctional conflicts.
The two types of conflict often occur when a group of employees are working together on a specific project. A dysfunctional conflict is the disagreement that comes about when the members of the work team do not agree on a decision and are unwilling to compromise. On the other hand functional conflicts are the conflicts that arise when two or more members of the work group have differences in opinion but are willing to work together to collaborate ideas or come up with entirely new ideas that will solve the conflict that is upon them.
As one might expect, dysfunctional conflict can be very unhealthy and disruptive within a company or an organization. Not only can it cause disagreements within the group of workers, but it can also produce a hostile and unproductive environment. When workers, supervisors, or managers have ongoing…

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