Remember The Titans Character Analysis

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Remember the Titans is the story about a football team coach who tries to unite a racially divided team. The movie focuses on how a black head coach leads the newly formed black and white members of the team to achieve its goal despite the group members differences in their behavior and color. The highlight point of the movie was the challenges that the leader and the members had to face by coming together as a multi-racial team and working for the success.
This movie is the perfect example for different group development stages as it displays us how the team had to experience the forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning phases to come out as a superior team.
After watching the movie if I have to select one stage among all those different steps then that would be the storming phase. I chose this stage because this is where the leader and the members of the team face significant challenges. It shows the capabilities and abilities of people working in a group. Storming stage helps in deciding whether the team is going to be successful in future or not because members have to go through conflict, personality clash, and figure pointing. Each member is different, and one may not like the working style or viewpoint of other, and there can be a high chance of a dispute. The personality clash may be seen
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In order to avoid this situation, leaders must come out and talk openly about issues related to the problem in the group. They must point out the mistakes and give positive feedback to their team members. This will motivate the people working in a team, and they will start respecting each other’s talent skills and experiences. Members will start becoming flexible, and it will help them to achieve their goal, but sometimes the members may have difficulty in handling the

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