Essay on Computers And Its Effects On Children

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Computers are useful in the classroom however, the argument is when and where is computers a detriment to children when it comes to learning. Are computers taking the place of teachers? My audience are common people for example parents, or teachers. An answer to the question when and where is computers a detriment to children. In some cases, yes computers are a detriment to children because, if they are taught to just type on a computer they won 't know the basics of writing on paper by hand. I think at a certain age children should know how to write by hand however, there is room for computers for learning now and in the future. To answer the question are computers taking the place of teachers. No in fact computers can help teachers even more then regular methods for example learning disability in children, but that does not take away the time that the teacher gives to the student. In the book High-Tech Heretic the author that computers today are not needed, and they are a hindrance to school children. In this book the author refutes the clam that in a computer age people should be computer literate. Stoll says this, “Am I the only one scratching my head over the relentless invocation of the cliché “computer literacy”? Is a supermarket checkout clerk computer literate because he operates a laser scanner, a digital scale, and a networked point-of-sale computer” (Stoll)? The author also talks about whether high school graduates should learn a word processor, manipulate a…

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