Competitive Advantage Case Study

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Midterm Assignment Q1-4
To: Shrimoyee Mukherjee
From: Aarja Singh 210310145
1. Very early on, the concept of competitive advantage in selling was negligible. But eventually people realized the need for competitive advantage.
a. Why do you think competitive advantage became so important? How does it help to sell when there is competitive advantage? Give 2 examples to illustrate your explanation.
Competitive advantage is where you have an advantage over your competitors with the products you are serving. Competitive advantage is important because it’s how you get your customers if you have great deal and values of a product or service then customers choose your brand over your competitors. When there is a competitive advantage for customers
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For example a product that is popular and profitable in Bangkok will not do so well in India for instance. Some products like every day staple like water will be sold in every market and will do well. So it can not be hundred percent true but it also depends on products and customers. Some international products like Colgate, Coca Cola and many other international brand will be successfully sold in other countries, it totally depends on the product, customer and the market you are selling to as well as how repeated your brand is.
Explain the picture below with proper examples which illustrate which markets do we serve with what products? (Make sure the examples are not from the class presentation)
Ansoff Matrix clearly provides a detailed list of products for the business managers to analyze their stand in the current market. I will be using an example for McDonald and how they fit in their exiting market as well as how they develop product to fit their different market needs. Existing Products New
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You sell multi – million baht solutions to medium to big sized organizations. Explain the 8 step selling process you would use. Explanation should cover all important aspects.
1. ¬¬¬¬¬¬First will be to find the potential firm for the solution, getting the facts straight and clearing outlining what they want from my firm and what needs should I meet and cover and making sure they can buy it and need our solutions.
2. To do all the research about the type of solutions an organization might need so if they call for enquiry I can sell them my solution. I should have all the knowledge about the type of solutions my firm will sell and that will meet with the needs
3. Then I finally approach the organizations, with a good opening statement that will sell my solution, introducing myself to the firm and then getting in details why they may want our multi million baht solution.
4. Now I will identify the need by questioning them.
5. Presenting the solution to them, I can make a PowerPoint presentation so the organization can better understand what my firm

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