Essay Competitive Advantage And Benefits Of Marketing

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INTRODUCTION Competitive advantage is the beneficial for the different marketers in the market and by providing the different offerings and the benefits and services to their consumers (Gao and et. al., 2010). This advantage is the set of the innovative and the different products so that the sale of the company should be increased. The present report is based on Amazon, which is having an online retail market which deals in the consumer electronics etc. the product of Amazon that is Kindle market share value is 73.7% (Amazon, 2015). The strategies which to be used by the company and the issues related to the strategy has to be discussed in the report. Along with this positive points which are taken into use by the entity is also be discussed.
Competitive advantage is the advantage of the competitors and gained by the offerings for the consumer that have the greater value either by the low prices of the products and by providing the benefits and services to the consumer that denotes the high price. It is a set of the innovative and different features of the company and the products and services sale to the consumers so that companies can achieve the targets what they have decided and it is the betterment for the enterprise in the competitive market (Porter, 2011). There are three determinants which can be used in the competitive advantage that what the company produces for their consumers, their target market that what they have to achieve and the competition from the…

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