Amazon Customer Service Case Study

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Nancy Magallon

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Company Profile

Part II:

Amazon offers a range of products and service through its website.The company offers programs that enable the seller to sell their products and fulfill orders through the website and the seller website.Amazon launched on the web in 1995.There consider a innovator in online retailing.In 1997 the company goes public and becomes the first retailer to assure one million customers.Amazon expanded in 1998 by joining the online music and video business. This companies are obtain in the United Kingdom and Germany. By 1999 to offer the biggest selection of books, toys, electronic,
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They expect third-party sellers that are using Amazon Payments to provide the same level of service and responsiveness and to comply with this Amazon Payments Customer Service Policy. If the customer finds that if there 's any transaction that violates their policy or is otherwise illegal, unsuitable, or results in an unacceptable customer experience, they may take any corrective action that they deem appropriate and is permitted by the Amazon Payments Inc. Customer Agreement. I do believe that they are focus on customer …show more content…
Putting employees in charge of their own results has a positive effect on morale. This allows employees to know that their ideas are acknowledge to the success of the company, so they incline to take a greater interest in creating a more productivity and efficiency company. That mean they the Higher morale employees get to reduce scheduled time off and productivity increases. This all has a positive effect on the company bottom line.

Amazon has good communication service they greet their customers, provides the customer with product information.Customers can complete sale in 24/7 via online transaction.They are efficient, and fast.Amazon is also reliable, there is no hassle easy and free shipping.Amazon also has a toll free live customer service and its very important when customers need help with any concerns they have.Amazon built good rapport with their customers when there is mutual liking and trust.That makes the customer continue to buy their product, and get

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