Amazon Customer Service Case Study

Nancy Magallon

Course: Customer Service


Company Profile

Part II:

Amazon offers a range of products and service through its website.The company offers programs that enable the seller to sell their products and fulfill orders through the website and the seller website.Amazon launched on the web in 1995.There consider a innovator in online retailing.In 1997 the company goes public and becomes the first retailer to assure one million customers.Amazon expanded in 1998 by joining the online music and video business. This companies are obtain in the United Kingdom and Germany. By 1999 to offer the biggest selection of books, toys, electronic,
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This is advantageous for companies, because instead of controling the managers to have all the responsibility for makig all the decisions, employees can make some decision. It is easier to know precisely where is the exact sources of issues. Companies can offer specific employees training and any other information that they need to correct errors as opposed to spending time and money training entire departments. The relationship between the employee accountability is that they are accountable to satisfy the customer needs and to give the best

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