Whole Foods Market: Competitive Advantage

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Chapter 1:
1. Competitive advantage allows a company such as Whole Foods Market to use the individuality of employees in order to sell their products. Using this unique style of marketing makes Whole Foods Market stands out more than the average grocery store. On the plus side, another company would not be able to copy their exact method as every employee would be different to a degree. Whole Foods uses human capital as a source of competitive in means of having their employees have a say in the choices being made at Whole Foods Market regardless of position. Whole Foods Market also places limits onto executives in order to maintain the company’s ideals and core values.

2. In terms of managing associates, Whole Foods Market allows their employees to discuss among themselves to hire more associates rather than having one person making the decision. Whole Foods is a company that believes in building strong relationships among associates. In order to do that, Whole Foods encourages associates to be involved in decisions, whether they are major or minor, and to participate in different levels of the business as well. This is made possible due to the non-complex layout of layers between associates and top management. Using this method, Whole Foods feels that
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Globalization, in terms of the economy, is when a concept grows from country to country without the limitations of national borders, and is able to expand across the world due to its successes. In this case, Whole Foods Market is headed towards a positive future as the business is continuing to grow, but as any other company, will have competition for capital. When company is going through globalization, there are a few factors that would take into effect such as the different economies and political structures of different countries. One factor is that a country could be in a recession and their currency is not as great as the other countries, which could cause fluctuations in pricing from one nation to

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