Essay on Comparing The Counting Crows And The Great Antonio Vivaldi

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Concerts Across Time Some would say “they don’t make music like they use to”. What is the era of music are they referring to? Each person has a different view of what they refer to as the “Golden Age” of music. Music has certainly evolved from the Baroque period but after centuries of music development there is nothing wrong with sticking to the fundamentals that inspired musicians and composers for generations. In my Concerts Across Time paper I will be discussing the differences and similarities between the Counting Crows and the great Antonio Vivaldi. The Counting Crows always elicit a lot of emotion from their lyrics and their fans. I have never had the pleasure of attending one of their concerts, but I regularly listen to their live albums. One concert I would have loved to have attended was in Paris, France in 1994 at Élysée Montmartre (Fitzairn). As a fan, I would say the one of the best part of the Counting Crows are that they experiment lyrically. Adam Duritz, the lead singer, always appears as he is letting the music and the emotions of the crowd decide what lyrics flow out of him. If you enjoy singing along with your favorite song you will probably be out of luck. You just have to stand there, listen, and enjoy the poetry that is amplifying across the crowd. For example the song Round Here is normally 5 minutes long. In Paris they played it for almost 12 minutes. Not one moment of the song sounded mechanical or calculated. The crowd was nearly…

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