Secular Music In The Renaissance Period

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The Renaissance Period which occurred between roughly 1400-1600 has influenced the modern world’s music through Renaissance composers such as Giovanni Gabrieli whose use of dynamics has helped shape music theory taught today. The Renaissance was a time of dramatic development in literature, music, art and science which ties in with the name of the period (Renaissance), as the meaning of it is “rebirth”, thus showcasing the era to be a time of growth. Music became increasingly popular with the arise of the printing press and secular music. The printing press made it easy for composers to int and distribute their compositions in mass to everywhere in Europe. Secular music was music created and used for outside of church. This would eventually develop into the music we listen to today. …show more content…
The word ‘Madrigal’ was given to non-religious music which delved into more emotional topics such as love. The songs were developed by composers for multiple melodies and voices and used the technique of ‘word painting’ throughout the

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