Compare And Contrast The French And Indian War

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Register to read the introduction… The colonist not wanting the British having say in how they ran their part of the world. Each war had its own agenda but similar ending outcomes. The French and Indian war started the movement to the American Revolution. The colonist did not like how the British forced them to serve in their military, provide supplies without compensation, and quarter them during the war. The Revolutionary War was a war against the British with the end results of gaining their independence. In both wars, the Colonist, later known as Americans, fought against the British for one reason or another.
The War of 1812 was fought for several reasons. It started out as a territorial between the Indians and the Americans. The Indians involved the British. Again, the Americans fought the British for control over their existing territory. In the Revolutionary War, the Americans fought to gain control of the land that they had settled. The War of 1812 started when the Americans wanted to expand their territory and move westward. After the British became involved, the fighting was
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Each had their own agenda. All fought the British for specific reasons. The French and Indian War was the beginnings of the American Revolutionary War. The French and Indian war gave, at the time, colonists more reasons to declare their independence. The war was also was the British with the forced help of the colonist against the French. During the Revolution, the newly named Americans, fought the British for independence with the help of the French. In the War of 1812, the Americans fought against the Indians and British for the rights to expand westward. This is the third war where the Americans fought the British in a short period of time that gained them more recognition as an independent unit. These wars were all independently important in the way the Americans grew, expanded, and learned from their

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