Compare And Contrast Subway And Mcdonalds

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McDonald’s vs. Subway: Food, Money and Charity
Fast food restaurants are everywhere. They are convenient and sometimes less expensive than regular restaurants. But, is that all they are good for and is it just about food? For the purpose of this paper, McDonald’s and Subway have been chosen to compare and contrast the differences from food to their social contributions. Both restaurants are part of the fast food industry but sell very different products. They have different backgrounds but have some similar goals in mind. By comparing the two companies, a better insight gives information as to how they came about, how they operate, and what they do for society.
McDonald’s was founded in 1955 by Ray Kroc. According to the McDonald’s website,
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They are in 100 countries but they are still considered to be in a competitive market in the fast food industry. Much like McDonald’s, Subway can also be considered in a monopolistic competition, because their brand is well known. Subway is able to be in so many countries by franchising their restaurants. They currently have 44k locations across the world. Subway does not own any of the restaurants, instead they are owned by 21,000 franchisees.
Subway is privately owned and is not traded on any stock exchange. In 2016, their sales were $11.3 billion ( Their current sales as of May 2017 have been 7.1 billion. Between 2012 and 2015, they spent an average of $550 million per year on advertising. They are ranked among the highest in sales in the fast food industry along with McDonald’s. According to the Forbes website, Subway is rank #92 in the world’s most valuable brands has a value of $7.1 billion and has a revenue of $17 billion.
Subway’s employees also benefit from their success through benefits such as 401k, vacation, and medical insurance. The starting pay for employees is also set slightly higher that minimum wage ( Subway promotes diversity and innovative ideas from their
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McDonald’s is publically owned and Subway is privately owned. However they do share common interests such as healthy eating for kids and adults. They both are environmentally conscientious and strive to incorporate new and innovative ideas to better conserve natural resources. They both also are involved in their communities to support and raise awareness for diseases and to promote educational interests.
Looking back at the research done and comparing the findings, the stories may be different in nature but the main goals are the same. Both companies want to help the greater good. It doesn’t matter how big, small, private or public the company is, it is what they do with their success that matters. Both McDonald’s and Subway seem to want to give back to the people and communities that help them get to where they are

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