Analyse The Fast Food Industry Of South Africa Case Study

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3. Analyse the Fast Food Industry of South Africa by providing statistics and recent facts on franchise/companies operating in the industry

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South Africa loves fast food. It is one the fastest growing industries locally. The industry amounts to R300-billion annually. Adults who buy fast food once a month went from a 66% to a shocking 80% rate during 2015.
Multiple statistic experts believe there is no stopping the growth of the fast food industry in South Africa. In the next few years we can expect to see a larger amount of money within the industry.
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Due to the pace of growth in the industry there will be a threat of new entrants but it depends on how good the new entrants do inside this market. The multiple brands within the industry also bring up the competitiveness between the different businesses. These brands implement market strategies to beat the other competitors and gain more customers. Here are some examples: (Source for Nando’s advert: Google images)
(Source for Burger King Advert: Word press)
(Source for McDonald’s advert: Google images)
These are examples of how businesses sometimes use unethical advertisements to get the customers on their side. There are many methods on how fast food restaurants in South Africa attract a large market. The businesses create unique and innovative menus. They also try to sell delicious food to bring in customers; they care about their brand image. They promote good values and customer service.
(Source: Mail and
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Give a broad outline of any Fast Food Company’s CSR strategy and examples of projects which they are involved with. (Source: Google images)
“McDonald’s (or simply as McD) is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain. It was founded in1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurie McDonald.” (, 2017)
McDonald’s is one of the most successful fast food chains this world has seen and it is still improving. The great thing about this restaurant is that it doesn’t only want to improve itself but the community around them. McDonalds’ implements CSR in 60 countries and regions.
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in McDonalds’ will refer to the activities McDonalds’ uses to benefit society. What do they do to make the world a better place? McDonalds’ made it a core value to give back to the less unfortunate, here are some examples:
• INDIA – “I care for eye care” McDonalds’ has teamed up with Dr.Shroffs Charity Eye Hospital to prevent blindness within the children of the community. In India blindness is seen as a massive problem because a child goes blind every 4 minutes.
• USA- McDonalds is interested in increasing energy-efficient restaurants by

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