What Are The Arguments Against Abortion Essay

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In this society, there are many different controversial topics that can be discussed. One famous topic that is debated a lot is abortion. Every great argument has two sides, this one is no different. The first side I will address is the Pro-Choice side. The people on this side believe that the women should have the right to choose to abort their babies. The other side is the Pro-Life side. This is the side against abortion; they say that even in the beginning the baby has rights and abortion means murder. Either way abortion is growing, every day more women get abortions instead of facing their responsibilities. Pro-Choice is all about giving women the right to choose for themselves and not making them feel guilty for their decision. …show more content…
They strongly believe that abortion is murder and all humans (no matter what stage they are in) deserve a fair chance at life. Instead of being just for the women, they fight for the rights of both the woman and the baby. One of the most famous arguments against abortion is: abortion is murder. The Pro-Life side believes that life begins at conception (“The Best Pro-Life Arguments”). This means that the fetus is a human, and any human killing another human-being is considered murder in their eyes. Another point that is commonly found when speaking out against abortion is: each child is a wanted child. Even if that specific woman did not want the baby inside of her, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any other woman out there that didn’t want it either. A lot of women cannot have babies, they would love to adopt or take in the baby that another woman didn’t want. An additional point linked to the Pro-Life side is laws cannot be made on exception cases. Which means, each time someone brings up a case where someone was raped or it is a serious health condition, people cannot base a whole law off that one exception because those types of cases are not the normal ones. It is sad that those things happen but you cannot let a few of those cases make abortion legal for everybody, it is not a good enough reason (“The Best Pro-Life Arguments”). The final point for the Pro-Life side is: abortion is mentally harmful. Most people don’t know that the suicide rate for women who have had abortions is much higher opposed to those who haven’t had an abortion. Women who have had abortions regret killing their babies, they feel guilt and it never goes away. Those women who have gone through with aborting babies know what it is like to kill, they have murdered a growing, innocent human inside them and they cannot take that back; wouldn’t that have a lasting

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