Carolyn C. Gargaro's Arguments Against Abortion

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There are many debates between the Anti-abortionist and the Pro-abortionist. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy; sometimes known as many other names like miscarriage. I am one of those many people who are against abortions for many different reasons. There are many different reasons why people should be against abortion also. Pro-abortionist believe that, “Abortion is not murder,” no matter how late in the pregnancy, no matter how much it might be able to live outside a woman’s body, a fetus is not a child. “Abortion is not murder.” A revolutionary worker states that a woman who is forced to bear a child against her will is assaulted and degraded in body and spirit. Anti-abortionist argue that abortion is murder because, “fetuses are …show more content…
Carolyn C. Gargaro wrote an article about abortion that is saying that “Abortion Violates Human Rights.” She says that since an unborn child has a different genetic makeup from that of its mother, all unborn children are fully human and should have their fundamental right to life protected. Carolyn says that she thinks the best way to explain this is to start by going back to the sperm and the egg. It isn’t a “potential” human life or some “other” type of life because something non-human does not magically become human by getting older and bigger – whatever is human must be human from the beginning. The unborn has rights just like the mothers. An unborn baby can be injured in an accident and at a later date, after being born, can sue the person who has injured him or her. To this the U.S. Congress voted unanimously in 1974 to delay the capital punishment of pregnant women until after they have given birth. Another issue that Carolyn states is “what about unwanted children.” There are two tough questions to this. The first one is what does “unwanted” really mean? To this question she says that if the mother does not want the child, there are thousands of childless couples who certainly would want this child. The second question is, there is no correlation between unplanned pregnancies and the subsequent about of children -- in fact, it is most often the wanted children who are abused. She feels that the medical community should emphasize finding safe and effective birth control that would eliminate the need for

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