The Importance Of Single Parenting

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Parenting: Past vs Present Growing up as a child, I remember playing outside until dark, my parents never worried If I was going to be kidnapped or approached by a stranger, now days, we are. Parents perceive the world to be more dangerous, do you blame them. Parenting has changed over the last 30 years or so, we have more single parents raising kids, parents don’t teach the value of items, no discipline compared to the past.
Now days we have more single parents raising kids, unlike 30 years ago, being a single has a lot a stress on the person, they have to have to worry about their full time job, day care, school. In the past children were raised by both parents, the father went to work, while the mother stayed home with the kids, the mother had more involvement with their kids, now days the single parent has to be authority in the household, they are the mother and father at the same. Being a solo breadwinner is a hard task and takes a lot out of a person on an emotional, physical, mental, and financial level. A single parent who is challenged with providing for their family on one income tend to lose important time with kids, where in the past much time was
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The purpose of discipline is to teach them that they have done something wrong, and now days, parents are not teaching them that. In the past we didn’t have the violence that we have now days, children didn’t pick up gun and start shooting like now days, is it because the parents are not disciplining them right, well times have changed, but the old ways were better, children had better matters, from children that the present

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