Essay On Spank Children

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Parents discipline their children because they are the authority and they want that child to stop that behavior so they are not irritated anymore. This is not saying the best way in the long run is to spank a child there can be unforeseen consequences. Douglas states “over 90% of American parents spank pre-school children, at least on occasion”(14). It is important to understand that toddlers will do what they are not supposed to do often and it is not because they are bad. Young children do not fully understand or know what they are doing so spanking does not do much but hurt and confuse them. A study done by Gunnoe, Marjorie Lindner, and Carrie Lea Mariner found that spanking is to display a legitimate expression of parental authority or an act of impersonal aggression. Parents spank because they have always spanked. Spanking has become more of a cultural and social norm than a studied form of parenting. The studies done have proved it is not the best way to discipline children.
“That all human action
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Wissow supports this by his findings that both poor and well-off white parents spanked often. On the other side of the spectrum some parents don’t spank because they don’t think it is right. They say this because they take a more hands off approach. The hands off approach shows “a lack of involvement with their children then of less aversive disciplinary strategies” (Wissow, 128).
“It is important for parents to be in charge of their children”(Fry,1). I agree with fry that parents have to be incharge and responsible for their children. Being in charge does not mean teaching children violence solves problems. Parents need to be held responsible for their young. It is important for those children to be disciplined. Discipline is a big part of being a parent, that parent is molding that child into the adult they will soon

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