Compare And Contrast Ipads And Ipads

“Think about a textbook that is customized for each student’s needs and interests and includes opportunities for interactive practice and collaboration with others. That is the potential of tablets” (Karen). iPads and tablets should be included into the learning of a student even though there could be some major future issues. Tablets are the tool of the future because modern technology is evolving and opening opportunities of doing work faster. In school, tablets can help hold over hundreds of textbooks on one device, including worksheet handouts, homework, quizzes and tests, and other educational files, eliminating the need for books and classroom materials. On the other hand, tablets and iPads can become a distraction because it can hold …show more content…
Also, tablets are associated with a numerous amount of health problems. iPads and tablets should be included into the learning of a student because of how much technology has revolutionized the way young minds learn and instantly find information.
Tablets have completely revolutionized the education world. The rise of tablets began shortly after the iPads were released in 2010. Schools felt if many children are using tablets at home, then why not use them for educational purposes. Traditional paper textbooks have opened opportunities and have made book bags much lighter. Heavy textbooks are a burden to carry around, and iPads weigh around 2-3 pounds. Textbooks have only been used for reading and having questions at the end of the chapter/unit. iPads will not only replace textbooks, but the use of notebooks and utilities to write
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“Health problems caused by inappropriate or inadequate use of computers or by using it at no time are mentioned under two headings: psychological problems (fear of technology, computer anxiety, dependence on the internet and so on) and physical problems (repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, computer vision syndrome, electronic waves, sleep disorders and so on)” (Gunduz). iPads and tablets are not all fun of games because it could bring serious future health problems for using it for a long amount of time. Many students do not know about all these problems that can occur. At first, someone will be feeling okay about it, but they develop overtime. There should be a time limit because both psychological problems and physical problems can occur. One of the main issues about it is that everyone is dependent on technology which makes it worse. Although iPads can bring future issues, textbooks can cause pain as well. “During the 2011-12 school year more than 13,700 US kids, aged 5 to 18, were treated in hospitals and doctors ' offices for backpack-related injuries such as contusions, sprains, fractures, and strains to the back and shoulders” (Akhavan). Textbooks are much more heavier than iPads. Newer iPads are as light as a feather. textbooks are a burden to carry around to all their classes. Most students are ending up with back pains at a

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