Compare and Contrast Customer Needs Essay

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Compare and Contrast Customer Needs, Wants, and Demands. Describe the Need Versus the Want for the Following Products: Red Bull Drink, Nike Trainers, and Apple Ipod

When one thinks about all the products there are on a market, he rarely stops to think about all the work each company does to suit the customer’s needs; for every item, there are very specific marketing categories which need to be met. Considering that the market is entirely based on the customer (“The customer is always right!”) the whole idea of marketing concept revolves around three key elements: customer wants, customer needs and customer demands. Let’s take three examples into consideration: Red Bull drink, Nike Trainers, and Apple iPod. They all come from different
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Red Bull, other than having a very strong image and a very well-known reputation, also meets up to the customer’s demands. Not only it’s visually appealing (the can’s design and shape, the logo and its symbolism) but it contains exactly what the consumer needs: a drink which has a good taste, comes in small packages, has a good price-quality relationship, is somewhat healthy and boosts your energy.

Likely to Red Bull, also Nike Trainers is top range in its products due to its skill in meeting customer wants and needs. When someone sets off to buy a pair of running shoes, he knows that Nike are the best; not only because Nike’s name serves as a guarantee for it’s product – just as for Red Bull- but because Nike are well-known to be the most comfortable shoes for sports. They come in different designs, but they all stick to the same principle: they enhance a person’s physical strength because they are modeled in such a way to have one’s body perform at their best while exercising. Besides, they are worn by the best Olympic athletes: if someone sees Nike shoes on people who train at that level and are satisfied with them, why shouldn’t they wear some Nike too?

So Nike trainers fulfill a customer’s needs- shoes which are both comfortable and esthetically appealing, which enable one to enhance his physical exercise and which have a good quality-to-price relationship. Furthermore, they come in different designs, so by choosing the one that he likes the most the

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