Comorbid Chronic Pain And Depression : Patients Perspectives On Empathy

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The abstract of the article titled“ Comorbid Chronic Pain and Depression: Patients Perspectives on Empathy” written by Elizabeth A. Sternke, PhD, MS (Sociology), MS (Anthropology), Kathleen Abrahamson, PhD, RN, Matthew J. Bair, MD, MS is found clearly on the first page, clear to the audience understanding and view. The article is opened with an immediate positive outcome of studies relating to empathy researched by other nurses and doctors. The focus of the study is easily located within the first few sentences in the article, “The aim of this study was to analyze patients’ perspectives on the emergent theme of empathy and describe how patients construct their experiences and expectations surrounding empathic interactions” (Abrahamson, Blair, Sternke, 2016). The contents of the abstract also include the goal of the researchers performing the study on individuals with comorbid chronic pain and depression. The methodology was the next category listed in the abstract, which is, a focus group designed using grounded theory methodology. Researchers were clear on participants age including its mean, ethnic background, however, lacked the information in gender in the abstract. The researchers include the percentage of women, which was 61% but lacked the percentage of male participants. The result of the research was stated, including which of the best two types of empathic interaction participants enjoyed more, “Study participants highly valued empathy and two types of empathic…

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