Community College Is A Tax Funded College With An Open Admission Policy

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Because River City Community College is a tax funded college with an open admission policy, it is committed to literacy support as a means of promoting student success and retention (C. Strain, personal communication, February 4, 2016). Interviews with members of the Student Success and Retention Department and College Success Center revealed student support services that extend beyond tutoring and academic help. Craig Strain listed several services provided by Student Success and Retention Department, “They provide grievance support. Through this office, students can request prerequisite waivers, hardship withdrawal and grade appeal forms. They also offer personal, career, and transfer counseling services. Free academic assistance is available through tutoring, including one-to-one tutoring; test-taking support; and access to diagnostic testing. These programs are available for walk-ins as well as referrals. Students can receive help with transportation through gift cards and free car repairs through the college’s automotive repair classes. They can also seek help with childcare and housing” (personal communication, February 4, 2016).
This interview revealed the community focused attitude of the college through its willingness to support students with extracurricular problems that Strain said influences their ability to succeed. These services are not advertised and the department relies on referrals from counselors and professors, which he connected to the use of the…

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