Strong Communication Skills In A Restaurant

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Strong communication skills are key to the success of any business. I previously filled the position of line-cook at a casual fast-paced restaurant. Communication is especially important in the restaurant business. Co-workers rely on each other in order to complete virtually every task. Lack of communication as a line-cook has the potential to cause a domino effect of negative consequences. Many facets of communication stood within this diverse restaurant business, such as its general communication needs, channels utilized, message forms applied, ethical behaviors, and measures to improve communication.
The nature of this business was a casual restaurant and it required a generous amount of teamwork and communication. Although it was considered
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One way the restaurant can improve communication is by praising good behavior. It seemed like employees who were not following rules received steady feedback, while employees that followed the rules did not. In my opinion, feedback is important no matter how good you are at your job. Another measure to improve communication is through a survey. The company had surveys for the customer’s, but not the staff. If there is a survey box where employees could anonymously leave suggestions, issues may be brought out that employees would not normally feel comfortable sharing otherwise. My final strategy to improve communication is for the restaurant to host events that welcome in customers for new recipe tastings. I think new recipe tasting events that include customers would provide a great way for the company to gain feedback, in addition to, opening a new door of communication between the company and the community.
In conclusion, communication in the restaurant business is vital. Like many businesses, the entire process of customer service relies on the communication skills of staff members. I think if the company continues to embrace diversity and different cultures, they will thrive deep into the future. This restaurant encompasses communication among diverse individuals, employs formal and informal communication channels, accesses multiple forms of communication, and there are measures that
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The Writing Skills result was seventeen and said plenty of space for enhancement was available. Results of the Reading Skills portion revealed my highest score of twenty-one, along with telling me of a chance to advance my above average skills. I received a score of twenty for the Speaking and Listening Skills and advice of space available for skill advancement. All of the scores reflect notable potentials for growth in my communication skills. Based on the assessments, I want to make improvements in all the

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