Communication Is The Exchange Of Information, Therapeutic And Emotional Wellbeing Of A Patient

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Communication is the exchange of information; therapeutic communication is the advancement of physical and emotional wellbeing of a patient. Nurses use therapeutic communication on an everyday basis to provide support and information to patients. Several techniques used in therapeutic communication include: sitting down with the patient while talking, asking open-ended questions, maintaining eye contact, avoiding interruptions, or restating what was said throughout the conversation. These techniques are used to portray a sense of genuine listening and provide the client a chance to open up. Providing a judgment free zone allows the client to open up and share their deepest concerns or fears. By knowing all information possible, the nursing team can provide optimal care for the patient.
The healthcare team is also a network that must use therapeutic communication. Effective communication is key to preventing data gaps, update outdated information, or keep a track of major changes. Effective communication can prevent errors that can lead to patient harm or even death. Nurses must know how to communicate with their team on all levels to provide the best patient care.
The literature suggests that therapeutic communication among the health care providers and the client can improve the care they receive and help the clients adapt to their illness and adhere to suggested interventions. Patients with nurses who take the time to discuss patient concerns about interventions are three…

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