Commodity Fetishism Is Everywhere We Go Essay

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Aguilar, Kimberly
English 28
Professor Aksoy

Commodity Fetishism

Commodity Fetishism is everywhere we go. Its on magazines, billboards and even on T.V. A simple plain T-shirt can cost up to ten dollars but once a a company labels it with their logo, the shirt can cost up to three times the original amount. Its not just on clothes but on electronics, accessories and beverages. Many people will buy things just because of the brand. The company will advertise it in a way to get the consumer to buy it. If it has a brand it is consider to be a commodity fetishism.

According to Karl Marx, commodity fetism is “the perception of the social relationships involved in production, not as relationships among people, but as economic relationships among the money and commodities exchanged in market trade ( Wikipedia ).” People don 't look at how things are made but the brand. People associate the brand with money, as in if something 's expensive it must be good quality. For company 's that may not always be the case. Some company 's can be giving you low quality things but once its been labeled with there logo, they can sell it for more than what its actual value is. Karl Marx shows that through commodity fetism, there will be hidden meanings, social impacts and unnoticeable labor.

The company in the advertisement is called Sony. Sony released a hand held system called the Play Station Portable also known as the PSP. The PSP was only in black at first, but they…

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