Comm Reflective Essay

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Section 1
My Learning Journey… in COMM101: Principles of Responsible Commerce Initially, before I learn this course, I have always thought that a “responsible commerce” is only important to balance the economic cycle. In my initial essay regarding “responsible commerce”, I mentioned about child labor being one of the biggest issue of irresponsible commerce, I thought the reason of it being such a big issue was because it would affect the whole economical cycle. And I did not realize that responsible commerce would involve different kinds of principles of ethics and elements in business,
Through this subject I have learned that ethical principles and standards in business define acceptable conduct in businesses which underpin how
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This would not be a good thing to happen in the poorer countries, where the local corporations may not be as strong as the foreign ones, and would most probably be isolated by the consumers, while the local market might be taken over by the foreign investors. In order to protect these local corporations, this is when the government should regulate the market by adding certain principles of socialism to encourage co-cooperativeness between foreign and local corporations.
Another topic that I have learned in this course is globalization. Globalization has been promoted all around the world. Usually, globalization is seen as an irresistible and benign force for delivering economic prosperity to people throughout the world, the rich foreign investors and traders and people in poor countries. However, it is also blamed as a source of all contemporary ills. (International Labour Organisation) I have always thought that globalization only affects individuals in the commercial world. However, the phenomenon of globalization brings an impact to the world not only in economics but also the culture and social welfare of the countries.
At many times, people like me tend to be more concerned about the economic and political impacts of the globalization and overlooked its impact on cultural and social welfare. Some feel globalization entails a deterioration of moral standards; a

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