Comm 215 Week 2 Essay

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Essentials of College Writing Case Analysis
COMM 215

Essentials of College Writing Case Analysis
In this case study analysis of Carl Robins a number of problems related with the recruiting process transpired. To obtain a clear understanding of what went wrong and the best way to solve these problems, a case study analysis is the way to go in an attempt to identify and recommend ways to improve this process for recruiting new trainees for ABC, Inc. Furthermore, ABC Inc., made the incorrect assessment by appointing Carl Robins to the job of enlisting new hires. Mr. Robins’ had this position for only six months and was put on his own. He should have known that he needed to put more preparation and on-the-job training into this job. As a
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Mr. Robins realized that he did not have the correct materials to conduct the orientation and there was miscommunication between Monica and Carl. Monica also is at fault for making sure Carl had the right training to recruit and that he was a good applicant for the endorsement. She should have done her research before choosing someone who lacked ability at his job. Carl should have made sure beforehand applications were completed by the new trainees within three days of recruitment. Also he dropped the ball in room scheduling for the orientation which was booked by Joe, from Technology Services for a computer seminar for the whole month. Carl produced two major issues, missing paperwork, and two trainings seminars scheduled at the same time in the training room.

The key problems in this analysis were; unfinished applications, required drug testing not scheduled, new employee records not filed, outdated orientation instructions, shortage of orientation handbooks, and scheduling controversies. The leading predicament was that the new campus recruiter is planning his first trainees without thoroughly planning ahead. Also Carl procrastinated over a month to initiate investigating if everything was in order for the upcoming induction class. He hired the 15 new trainees in April giving adequate time for him to recheck that applications were filled out properly and drug screening completed. Mr. Robins should have taken initiative in his new position

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