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Case Study 2.3
1. What moral issues does the Pinto case raise?
The moral issues about the Ford Pinto is that they take their profit is more important than human life. They also did not inform the consumer about the facts of the Pinto. Lastly, they also lobbied the safety of the car to lowest standard (Shaw, Barry & Sansbury 2009, pp 97-99). (44 words)
2. Suppose Ford officials were asked to justify their decision. What moral principles do you think they would invoke? Assess Ford’s handling of the Pinto from the perspective of each of the moral theories discussed in this chapter.
Egoism. Egoism is the closest moral principle for the Ford Pinto. Because Egoism can be explain as self-interest and have a long-term interest,
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Is doing so ever morally legitimate?
To the idea for placing a monetary value on human life is opposite to Kant’s theory. Kant’s theory always is “treat people always as ends in themselves, never as mere means” (2002, Kant’s ethics in Bailey, p. 666). In this case, Ford treating its customer as mean just because of their profit. This is not acceptable for Kant’s theory. (52 words)
6. What responsibilities to its customers do you think Ford had? What are the most important moral rights, if any, operating in the Pinto case?
Ford has a responsibility to improve the car, at least to pass the safety law NHTSA. No one will aspect the car would be high quality because the car is just made for lower-income group. But as least, the law said that car cannot publish to public if its not safety enough to pass the NHTSA. (56 word)
7. Would it have made a moral difference if the savings resulting from not improving the Pinto gas tank had been passed on to Ford’s customers? Could a rational customer have chosen to save a few dollars and risk having the more dangerous gas tank? What if Ford had told potential customers about its decision?
Yes, it may have a slightly difference for the savings for not improving and pass to the customers. Some of them maybe doesn’t care about the problem, because no one will think that accident happen to themselves. But to a rational customer they will never save for a few bucks to risk their life. Let’s us assume

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