Coming To Oakwood University

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Jair Ford

Going to college was a huge accomplishment. I took a year off from school to work. I was making so much money, I didn’t see a reason to go to school. As of today, I’m glad that I made the decision to attend school. Not just any school, but Oakwood University. Throughout my years in high school, I never really had a good experience with my academics. Coming to Oakwood gave me the experience I needed to actually enjoy learning. I haven’t failed a class since I’ve been here. Making the decision to come to Oakwood, opened doors to my future.
Graduating high school was a major accomplishment in my life. School wasn’t my thing. Mostly everything came before school. After months went by the time for college was a few weeks away
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I chose Oakwood University for a new beginning in my life. Coming to Oakwood University, in Huntsville, Alabama and having to travel hours from New York gave me time to think. I had plenty of time to clear my head and prepare for the challenges. First thought that came into my head was that I was going to prove everyone wrong, not just the people who doubted me, but for myself and who I represent, the Ford family. I’ve completed my first semester of freshman year with a 2.53 GPA and passed every class. My new start as an engineer major started off really well. My plan for my second semester of freshman year was to continue with the same mentality and goals. College was changing me into a well-rounded man and making me a better person which allowed me to represent the Ford family in the right way. Making my family proud and becoming a man gave me a great feeling inside. Second semester finally arrived and I was more than ready to start school again. My goals were set and it was time to start heading back to school. However, there were a few financial obstacles in the way. Financially clearing was a major problem for me and therefore I was unable to come back to school. Now I was back to square one. I was in a new state and life is hitting even harder again. I needed shelter, food, and much more. Everything was beginning to overwhelm me and I began to stress about what I was going to do. I found a job and started to work again so that I could survive. I was on my own again with no help. I had to make a way and keep faith in God to keep me going every day. I worked my spring semester and all summer because I was determined to go back to school. I needed school and I was not going to give up. During this present fall semester, I came back to Oakwood because God had made a way this entire time. I continue to pray that he keeps blessing me. My goals are set again and I am determined to reach them this semester. I came back with no help

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