Columbine Theme

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A possible theme for the book “Columbine” is always pay attention and watch for signs. In the book there is many occasions where Eric and Dylan both showed signs of planning something violent. People knew about the pipe bombs, but no one said anything to the cops. Certain people also knew about them owning guns but again nobody said anything to the cops. The cops also had ways of stopping them and had numerous evidence files that Eric was threatening to kill people but everybody ignored the signs.

B.) Eric was a tall slim teenager. He wore a backwards ball cap and dark clothes. His physical looks were that of a normal teenager but his mentality was not. He loved the idea of wars and violence. He dreamed of killing people, and he believed that he was a god among people. He thought of outdoing other successful terrorist attacks and set that as a goal.

C.) The book “Columbine” was actually not a hard book to read. The author added a lot of details that I felt were not needed to continue the story which made it harder to want to keep reading. The passages that stick out as most memorable were the ones talking about how smart and normal Dylan and Eric were. The most difficult ones were about the library and what it looked like when the paramedics finally got to go in the building.

D.)I don’t think the book glorifies Dylan and Eric. The
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Robyln had helped the boys buy most of their guns. One of their friends knew that Eric and Dylan were making pipe bombs and testing them. Eric’s parents had found a pipe bomb in his room, but after some punishment they never checked his room again. The police department also is to blame because they had reports saying that Eric was threatening people’s lives and they never arrested him. I believe that these people still feel guilty because they have to live their lives knowing that they helped two kids murder many

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