College Students And College Universities Essay

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There are many resources available for college students that college universities have to offer. These resources can benefit a student 's research project, access to books, printers, wi-fi, chargers, and even a snack to help fuel up while studying. With man resources that the universities have to offer, these can be very costly, but who are the ones paying for these fees? The answer is simple, the students tuition fees, which happens to keep rising over the years. The same education is offered but the cost keeps increasing dramatically. For students at Fresno State, these fees include a wide variety of other helpful resources such as the health center, the gym, the student union, newspapers, shuttles/ bus fares, computer access, and campus ID cards. These resources can become very helpful in different situations, but there is a limit on how much the university spends on luxury student amenities. Fresno State has recently launched the new charging station for fueling up your hybrid car with electricity, but the price of these could be very costly to the university. Most college students at Fresno State do not drive hybrid cost, so these resources are not as useful to students compared to faculty or the general public. Fresno State also offers students a free campus shuttle to help students receive a transportation from their vehicles to a near by stop from their classes. This is helpful to some students, but overtime the cost of tuition will rise due to factors such as gas…

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