Essay College Should Be Some Of The Best Years Of Your Life

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College can be some of the best years of your life, as a college student you you no longer have your parent’s rules to follow you can stay up as long as you like chores around the house are no longer a duty for you. You are given the beginnings of personal freedom; you can choose to go out and party or study for a test, or decide to skip class or hang out with your friends. There are many temptations throughout college and if you’re not careful those temptations can prove to be to much even for those who grew up with the strongest Christian foundations. At most college and universities from the moment you walk in on your freshman year you are exposed to new ideas and people that are willing and wanting to challenge your own beliefs.

I strongly believe the way to hold true to your beliefs in college is to attend a local church to help you hold true to your faith. I can speak for those people that lost their way in their first few years at a Junior College. I know first hand how easy it is to lose the values that Christ and your parents showed you. I thought when I entered college I had reached a point in my life that my foundation was strong enough that I could continue it on my own; that was far from true. In fact, it was even harder to continue it. Between the partying and the many other temptations, my faith quickly became almost irrelevant in my life. I can’t say this is the same is for all Christian students that enter college, is ultimately the decision to act on the…

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