College Professor Should Be Required To Take Attendance Essay

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A life of freedom and responsibility is what every kid dreams of is it not? Lucky them, that’s exactly the life you get in college. For most high school students the transition from high school to college is the most difficult. A lot of things change, and all of a sudden you become more responsible for yourself. You are now responsible for waking yourself up every morning, eating breakfast and going to class. However there are two problems with this transition. First off, most students do not understand the difference between a high school teacher and college professor. Second problem would be going to class every day. Many polls suggest college professors should be required to take attendance just like high school teachers; however, I think …show more content…
If you are not there and something happens the blame is going to fall on the school. Teachers use attendance to refer back to your grades. For example, if you are not doing well in a class they are going to look at your attendance and determine if it’s because you are always missing class or if you truly do not understand the material. Recent polls and debates suggest that professors should be required to take attendance. In my opinion, college professors should not be required to take attendance unless that is a decision made by them. It is not their responsibility to watch after the students. Being responsible and prioritizing time is something that comes along with being a college student. You are now responsible for going to class and making it your number one priority. If the student decides not to show up to class it is on them and will reflect on their grades. College tuition is not cheap, you are paying for everything except for the college professor to come wake you up every day and make sure you are in class. It is the student’s responsibility to attend every class. Professors are there to teach you important skills that you will apply to your everyday life. Most students who fail a class do not attend regularly, and that is all on the student

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