College Tuition Cost Essay

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Is a college degree worth the cost? This is a common question among students who are deciding whether to continue with their education or stop right after their four years of High School. Today, "the United States currently ranks 10th in the world in its percentage of 25- to 34-yearolds who have completed postsecondary education” (Adam, 3). This is due to the fact that over the past few years’ college expenses have increased at a rate that today money is one of the major reasons why students get discouraged and decide not to continue with their education. A college degree does not only come from having the opportunity to pay for the education, but on how much determination a person has to get a degree. Whether continuing or stopping with schooling …show more content…
Students need to take into consideration that the money they are paying for tuition falls short when it comes to how much it actually costs the universities to provide an education based on excellence (College Tuition Costs, 7). Postsecondary education institutions are trying to offer a high standard education that makes them stand out from the others, while also meeting the preferences of the students. For example, “Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania charged approximately $41,000 for tuition plus room and board during the 2006–07 school year, yet spent upwards of $73,000 per student that year” (College Tuition Costs, 7). If college students ask for high quality education, then the universities will do everything on their hands to please them and help them have a valuable experience. As mentioned in the article Is college tuition a sound investment? Parents are asking for better security measures after the shooting in Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg back in 2007. The improvement of security obviously requires money and this leads to the rising prices of tuition. Therefore, when applying to college students should consider that the tuition costs are only for their own benefit and their postsecondary

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