College Is Important But It 's Not For Everyone Essays

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College Is Important But It 's Not For Everyone
Everyone at some point in time is introduced to the idea of college. College is a very unique experience. It can be very enjoyable and educational or it can be dreadful and do nothing but stress you out. The importance of college is one of the biggest debates in the world. Most people have one of two views. One view states that college is important and is the essential factor to a successful life, while on the other hand, some say it is just a waste of time and there is no point in attending. As a kid, I was always preached to about how you can 't make it in todays world unless you go to college, but as I have grown up over the years I developed my own opinion. I fell college is important, but it 's not for everyone; it depends on the person and their situation. I came to this conclusion by looking at several pros and cons of attending and not attending college.
Both sides of the debate have really good facts to support there opinion. For non attending college students one of their biggest points is that there are plenty of successful people who did not attend college, for example Bill Gates is a very big successful person and he didn’t not attend college; but lets start from the begging. From the beginning it is stressful just by determining what college is right for you. There are several questions you need to consider first before making a decision. Do you want to go to a large school, a smaller school, a four year…

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