College Is A Massive Decision That Should Be Thought Through And Processed

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Senior Research Paper Deciding where you want to go to college is a massive decision that should be thought through and processed. Many factors go into deciding where you want to go including the history, the factors that make up the university, diversity, academics, cost of tuition, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Career services offered, extracurricular activities, campus living, meal plans and what the application process is. The reason I decided to extend my education into college is because I want to go on in life and get a good job that pays well so I will not have to depend on a man to support me for my entire life. I narrowed down my college search to the University of North Texas and Oklahoma State University. While these two universities are very similar, they are also very unique in their own way. I knew my decision was not going to be easy, it was one of the most challenging things I have ever had to decide, but I know I know that my choice is the right one for me.
The history of a university is very important because it is the foundation that shapes the university into what it is today and what it will be tomorrow. The University of North Texas was founded in 1890, by Joshua C. Chilton, as a teachers’ training institute. From leasing rooms above a hardware store in Denton’s square to now having a 900-acre campus with 178 buildings, UNT has thrived over its 125 years of rich history. In History of UNT website put out by the University of North Texas, it states…

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