College Essay

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Last winter I almost killed my father. I was arguing with him one morning before school. The strain on our relationship had been building the previous few months as our arguments were becoming more frequent and fierce. They were a little more intense than your average father-son battles. This specific argument ended with my storming out of the house and not returning. That afternoon, I was working out after school and my aunt came by the school weight room and told me my father had gone to the hospital to get some tests done. I was still angry, but nevertheless concerned; if not for him, for my mother and my siblings. I continued to lift before heading home. When I arrived I was told by my family that my dad had suffered a heart attack …show more content…
If my father had died because of that argument, my life would have diverged from its previous path even more than it had become by him just having a heart attack. Instead of looking at life as a day-to-day event, I started to analyze the long term effects of my decisions and I began to do something that I had neglected to do the entirety of my short time on this earth: plan. I felt this foreign, yet unavoidable urge to determine what I was doing with the rest of my life. And I did. I now have a plan. It begins with me going to a prestigious college that can provide me with a quality education, a pathway to a successful future, and a reputable degree. Afterwards, I would like to go law school or perhaps I will just move on to the next step. While I do not have everything figured out, I decided this past year after a lengthy and intense introspection, that I have to become the most successful person in whatever career or path I choose in my post-academic life. To be the best is something that I view as necessary to bring meaning to my life. I know most, if not all, people aspire to be successful with their respective careers and hobbies, but that is merely an aspiration. Becoming the best is a requirement for me now; not a

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