College Essay: Seven Steps To Success At Community College

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Success In College

What is the meaning of success? According to the Dictionary, the definition of success is the accomplishment of something desired, planned, or tackled. It all depends on the way the world or a person looks at success. Some examples of success can be having lots of materialistic things, having a college degree, or something as little as winning a game? Most students entering college have the mentality to succeed but don’t know how they can succeed to their full potential. There are many ways to succeed in college, all it takes is a little guidance on how to move through the classroom and gain knowledge the right way. Many students decline when it comes to learning on how to succeed in classroom, especially in college
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Well in the article “7 steps to success at community college” gives some reasons as to why students aren 't reaching their goals. Most students don’t use the resources that 's available to them for their success in the classroom and outside of it. Most colleges provide tutoring centers,advisors, study areas, libraries and much more. Students also have the advantage of visiting a professor if needed. Knowing how to ask for help will guide students through the stressful moments they’ll run into. Earning credits will help students pass through school, but won’t help them learn. It takes a lot more than just showing up for class and doing the work. So if more students used these available resources there would be a greater rate of success within many schools. ”While there are "no silver bullets," first year students do better when they 're in small, structured groups, says Kay McClenney, director of the center for community college student engagement at the University of Texas.” If more students started at community college in small grouped classes, it would make the transition into a university a lot more …show more content…
“The more you learn, the more you earn.”( Billionaire Warren Buffett) Studying is probably one of the most important aspects of being in school, whether a student is in college or even grade school. The more studying done outside of the classroom, the more a student will succeed in it. Managing time is probably the biggest issue for most students. Especially if they work or do other activities outside of school. Having a well balanced schedule will help students strive for success. Limiting the number of courses they take is important so they don 't get overwhelmed with the amount of work that college comes with. “There is no real way to measure the problem, but if you talk to community college educators, they will tell you that one of the biggest challenges they encounter is that many students simply don’t read enough.”(Mark Rowh) Reading keeps your brain working and staying focused. Plus its overall relaxing and can be a useful tool to use in

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