College Education Is Important For Students Essay

893 Words Apr 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Many people don’t have an opportunity to get a college education, but college comes with many benefits. In college classes of many different subjects are offered which allows students to pick anything they’d like. During my time in college I’ve had the chance to explore subjects that I never even knew about in my past years. All of these classes have allowed me to get to know what I enjoy. A college education is important because it allows us to get to know ourselves better. By knowing what I like, it is helping me with my future. A college education is a way for students to find out what their dream job is. Having a job, and having a job that you enjoy are very different things. I wouldn’t want to be a couple years older with a job that I worked hard for, but do not enjoy. With college you aren 't guaranteed anything but it 's a step toward attaining any job or goal you desire. Furthermore, a college education is important in helping one reach their goals. Landing a job isn 't very easy today, a person must have experience and knowledge in their field, and I am getting that from my college education. College is important so I could be prepared in the workplace. With so many competitive jobs, the level of education a person has can be the ultimate reason they get the job. Companies or anyone really, don 't hire someone unless they are sure they will know about the job. A college education is providing me with all of that. I am required to take many classes that involve…

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