Collaborative Planning As A Process Essay

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Collaborative planning as a process was a fantastic experience in the sense it allowed for the creation of such a variety of ideas and thoughts to create a sequence of investigative science lessons. The initial group discussion about the direction of our lessons began as sharing and jotting down main learning intentions, approaches, teaching methods, learners needs and resources.
Collaborative curriculum planning was effective once we figured out the best possible way to contribute our ideas and works without the troubles of constant emails and catch ups, our saving grace was incorporating ICT and welcoming Google docs into our group.
During my professional placement I was fortunate enough to be involved with my year levels planning day, this was a fantastic insight into the benefits and successes of collaborative curriculum planning in a school environment. First hand I was able to see the collaborative development of a terms curriculum planned, within a school setting it was easily done due to the designated time for all staff to be involved. In a university setting with students with many outside factors influencing their ability to designate their time one the same day in order to plan effectively was slightly more difficult.

Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development considers students who learn as a collaborative team capable of performing at higher intellectual levels than when asked to work individually (Vygotsky, 1978). Working in a group with peers increases the…

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