Collective Learning

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Collective Learning
Technology has brought huge influences on everyone’s lives. The Duke University had brought iPod as an academic device and educational experiment to all the first-year class students. The iPod inverted the traditional role of technology, which has many new functions. Students not only can listen to music, but also use the iPod as an academic device to collaborate with others. This concept can be seen in Project Classroom Makeover, by Cathy Davidson. In Project Classroom Makeover, Davidson introduces the use of iPod as an educational experiment, and this is the early stage of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is one way of collective learning; students would collaborate together, come up with creative ideas, and then share these
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Crowdsourcing was appearing after the iPod experiment, which means that “inviting a group to collaborate on a solution to a problem” (51), and this is one way of collective learning. Students can use the iPod as an effective study tool for studying as a group. Collective learning plays a large role in education because students have the opportunities to work together and to solve problems by sharing their knowledge. Students and professors can work together to develop new ways of using the iPod for education. By bringing iPod into the university, college students start to regain the interest of studying by sharing their ideas with others. “While formal education typically teaches hierarchies of what’s worth paying attention to, crowdsourcing works differently, in that is assumes that no one of us individually is smarter that all of us collectively. No matter how expert we are, no matter how brilliant, we can improve, we can learn, by sharing insights and working together collectively” (51). Different students will have different ideas for the same question, and without combine these ideas together; humans will not develop as quickly as today. Most of time, scientists will work together for one scientific experiment. They share different insights of the experiment, and sometimes scientists will develop a new compound or element. It is impossible to scientist to work alone and develop something incredible. …show more content…
Because of collective learning, students are gaining the confidence to express their thoughts to others. Collective learning has brought students confident to share their thoughts with others, and students have the capacity to concur the difficulties. “Without confidence in your ability to learn something new, it is almost impossible to see what you have to change in order to succeed against a new challenge” (67). People are facing various difficulties all the time, and confidence help people to fight with challenges and success. Collective learning helps students to think outside the box, and overcome the standardization. “The world is full of problems to solve that cost little except imagination, relevant learning, and careful guidance by a teacher with the wisdom to no control every outcome or to think that the best way to measure is by keeping each kid on the same page of the same book at the same time” (61). Teachers should not limit students’ imagination; instead, teachers should let students to develop their personal thoughts through the collective thinking. Unless teachers could keep all students in the same level, which is almost impossible, otherwise, it is better for students to collaborate with others. And in the end, all students could achieve their best success toward the

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