Coll 148 Critical Thinking Entire Course - Devry Essay

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COLL 148 Critical Thinking Entire Course - DeVry

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Question 1: If you have a disagreement with your supervisor at work.
Question 2: If your class paper or project receives a failing grade from your professor.
Question 3: If you are having a disagreement with someone for whom you care deeply for.
Question 4: If you see that someone is struggling and having a hard time “making it”
Question 5: Now that you have had a chance to apply your guiding statement to several simulations, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1
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(Points : 3)
Question 8.8. My Dream Career: How much student loan debt will Heidy be responsible for once she completes her program? (Points : 3)
Question 9.9. My Dream Career: Which repayment plans offer Heidy a repayment amount she can afford based on her projections? (Points : 2)
Question 10.10. My Dream Career: The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) website ( contains information on which of the following: (Points : 3)
Question 11.11. My Dream Career: What web site should Heidy visit if she wants to consolidate her loans to make one payment? (Points : 3)

Week 3 Course Project Proposal Outline

1. Introduction
1. Texting while Driving
1) Why do people continue to text and drive at the same time?
In the article A meta-analytic comparison of the effects of text messaging to substance-induced impairment on driving performance, the authors (Pascual-Ferrá, Liu and Beatty, 2012) described the findings of a meta-analysis where they compared… Week 3 Personal Profile Summary
Question 1. Question : (2 points) According to the Multiple Intelligences Survey, my dominant intelligence is:
Question 2. Question : (2 points) According to the Learning Evaluation and Assessment Directory, my primary learning style is:
Question 3. Question : (2 points) According to the Personality Assessment Profile, my

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