Coco Cola Brand Strategy Essay

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Brand strategy is a plan created by companies for the development and improvement of a successful brand which help achieve the brand's aims and goals. A good brand strategy often affects the business as a whole in terms of the needs of the consumers, emotions and competitive environments.

Brand strategies help a company define their goals and objectives for a specific brand and what the company would like to achieve by creating this brand, every successful brand has a successful brand strategy.

Advertising is a way of presenting a product/service through print media, television, etc. To pursue more customers to buy their product and increase awareness of the product in local or global markets.

One method of the promotion mix Coco Cola use
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One of the marketing objectives it allowed them to achieve would increase brand awareness. As when Coco Cola advertises e.g. on a TV a large number of people would be able to see it which would lead to more awareness. Advertising could also help promote products effectively in order for people to want to buy it which would increase the sales for Coco Cola resulting in an improvement in profitability. Coca-Cola can also improve their market share through this promotional element as when sales go up that means that the company is selling more resulting in a higher market share in their market. Advertising allows Coco Cola reach these marketing objectives simply because it is a simple method of communicating to a very large audience which is suitable for Coca-Cola as it is a global …show more content…
By sponsoring globally watched or followed events, coca cola is able to reach not only large and well-known host cites around the world but also small and medium-sized markets without having to directly be present in them. Coca-cola benefits from the global following of the sponsored event, as all participants and followers would directly be a ready audience for coca cola's marketing campaign. Not only does this serve their marketing objectives on a global scale, it also benefits them to be affiliated with such a largely followed event as this often leads to increase their market share drastically. Eventually, coca cola would have entered various new markets globally without having to run individual campaigns in each of these

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