Trung Nguyen Coffee Case Study

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Trung Nguyen Coffee, introduced to the market in 1996. In today, Trung Nguyen Coffee has become the household name in Vietnam. Not only the leading coffee brand in Vietnam coffee industry, Trung Nguyen Coffee also expanded in many other countries in Asia Pacific as well as Western coffee markets.

1 what are the roles and benefits of branding for sellers and buyers in the coffee market?
Roles of branding
Brand is a logo or a name, sometimes can be a tagline that used by the organizations to differential their products or services from other competitors in the market. by branding their products or services, the organization is able to show what they want their target consumers to know about the goods they provides. Trung Nguyen
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Example the Weasel Coffee offered by Trung Nguyen produced by wild weasel, had been proved that it is as good as the genuine weasel coffee as stated in the case study. Furthermore, it is able to serve in both hot and iced with excellent taste. With branding, it allows Trung Nguyen Weasel Coffee to standout from other weasel coffees.
Branding helps to develop consumer preference. when 2 products’ price and quality are about the same, how the 2 products is been branded decides which product the customer will go with. For example, one of the core values of Trung Nguyen coffee is inspire creativity. People such as designers who drink coffee during work, might choose Trung Nguyen coffee instead of other coffees as Trung Nguyen coffee could help them with creation. when product branding develop consumer preference, it may lead to achieve of consumer loyalty. when the Trung Nguyen coffee always come first in consumer’s mind when they making decisions, consumer will keep buying the coffee from Trung Nguyen
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Sub-branding is a combination of umbrella and individual identity. For umbrella branding, there is only one brand identity for all the products, while individual branding is that, each product under the company will have a brand name. For Trung Nguyen, the different types of Roasted Coffee are under the umbrella aspect of branding, such as Trung Nguyen Creative One and Trung Nguyen Creative Two. The instant coffee is branding by using the individual brand identity, the G7 instant coffee.

For coffee products: Roasted Coffee, Low Caffeine Coffee, Weasel Coffee and Instant Coffee. At the same time, Trung Nguyen have a sub-brand for its Instant Coffee. The Instant coffee is for those consumers who love Trung Nguyen coffee but do not have time for roasted coffee. The core value for Instant coffee is different from roasted coffee which promote a new way of enjoy coffee.
The company is

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