Coca Cola Business Analysis

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Coca Cola is one of the world’s most known beverage company that engages in manufacturing and distributing non-alcoholic beverages. They own one of the world’s most valuable brand which is Coca Cola, while also marketing much more. For example, the top five most marketable brands are Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, and Sprite. Coca Cola license or owns more than 500 brands in the category of sparkling beverages, water, enhanced water, juices and juice drinks, teas and coffee, and energy drinks. There locations are around the world from Coca Cola’s Asia Pacific business to, Europe, Latin America and in Eurasia and Africa. ”The company was selling Coke at the rate of 850 million eight-ounce bottles a day, or 310 billion bottles a year.”(Hays, Constance L. 5). As business politics is always apart of having a company Coca Cola was confronted with many investments and …show more content…
The Inca’s also used it to do brain surgery about 3500 years ago because it was used as an anesthetic. Because the Inca’s used them for religious purposes, they valued the plant as a sacred object with powers. Not only that, but “priest even chewed on the magical plant to help induce trances because it leads to the spirit world which determined the wishes of the gods.” ("The Coca-Cola Company.” 1) South American who are descended from the Incas until this day continue their practice. The cocoa mixture that Dr. Pemberton created consisted of coca leaves, kola nuts, and a small portion of cocaine in the sugary syrup. Even though the syrup had a small amount of cocaine the prescription syrup had been used to treat headaches, hysteria and depression. His prescription was picked up by the woman who formed the Coca Cola Company, Asa Candler. Also, cocaine was sold in cigarettes causing them to be promoted as a cure for infections of the throat. However, in 1904, cocaine was removed from the Coca Cola syrup that Dr. John Pemberton

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